Managing adult and general health

Our help is always available when you need it, but sometimes good advice and knowledge can help you prevent and treat some issues you may be facing at home.

Head Injury - Download here

Wound Care leaflet - Download here

Managing your Infection (Ear, Sore Throat, Cold, Sinusitus, and Cough) leaflet. - Download here

Managing your Urinary Tract Infection - Download here

Alcohol Advice leaflet. - Download here.

Urinary tract Infections - Download here

Managing children's health

Correctly managing your child's health can be a difficult task, especially when they have additional needs or health conditions. To help you keep you child healthy, here is some information and advice.

When Should I Worry (Guide for parents of young children) can be downloaded here.

Caring for Children with Coughs can be downloaded here.

Head Injury - Child leaflet.

Fever in children - Download here